April 21, 2024

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The Changing Shape of the Classroom: Engaging Students in Active Learning

The Changing Shape of the Classroom: Engaging Students in Active Learning

The digital age has given us unprecedented access to information, it’s changed how we interact with it and the expectations we have of it. Children are no exception to this. According to a recent report by Research and Markets, the eLearning market in the MENA region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.84% during the forecast period 2021-2026. This growth can be attributed to several factors such as the increasing adoption of mobile devices, the availability of high-speed internet, and the need for a flexible learning environment.

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In addition to spending more time learning electronically, children are also engaging more directly with the digital environments around them. Over three-quarters (79%) of K-12 students in the UK and US are using generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools and services, according to Ofcom. The majority (89%) of UK children aged 3-to-17 also play video games, often to interact and socialise with their friends. The data for their counterparts in the UAE are also similar.

The reality is that kids today have more access to all sorts of interesting content, and they're becoming pros at choosing when and how they want to consume it. And guess what? They're bringing these same expectations into school. It's a bit of a challenge for educators, but it's also a chance to get creative and find exciting ways to keep students hooked on learning.

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Educators Feeling the Heat

Given the ubiquitous use of technology and the near constant access to all known knowledge then it is clear that the classroom environment must also adapt and change. Traditionally, education has a “stand and deliver” instruction model where the teachers is the source for all information. This is no longer the case.

This creates pressure for teachers and tutors who want to engage students and provide optimal learning experiences that deliver results. They understand students have a different frame of reference for receiving information, and that just uploading material designed for face-to-face will not necessarily cut it. However, most educators are not coders. They do not necessarily have the skills to design interactive, highly engaging online course content.

Adapting the learning environment to the times means there must be a conscious shift in curriculum to one of Project and Problem Based Learning where students are immersed in learning that has them identifying and solving real-world problems. Students must be the centre of the classroom and take ownership of the information they need to solve these problems and determine their own methods of demonstrating understanding.

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What Grabs Student's Attention when Learning?

While there may be temptation for educators to jump directly into content design, it is important to first think about some key elements that make digital learning engaging and contribute to successful learning outcomes.

Even if they are not game designers, educators can apply game mechanics to learning activities. Badges and scores can appeal to students who want to collect everything, while levels can be enticing to students who want to see all that a game has to offer.

Another approach is to break down course material into bite-sized pieces and celebrate students' achievements along the way. This keeps their focus sharp and concentration strong.

Changing up the format adds excitement too. Imagine having videos and audio clips right in your subject! Students can even create their own multimedia responses, making learning interactive and fun.

Active learning is key here, too. It gets students involved through discussions, analyses, and more. With personalized learning, educators can tailor the experience to each student's needs. Some might need extra background info, while others can dive right in. Plus, teachers can track progress and adjust accordingly, offering support when needed.

And let's not forget about empowering students. Giving them control over their learning journey is huge. With a clear, easy-to-use platform, they can see where they're headed, how they'll get there, and track their progress every step of the way.

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How One Platform is Creating Engaging Active Learning

Educators need digital tools that help them generate engaging learning content without specialised software skills.

This is something STREE Education is demonstrating with comprehensive and sustainable STEAM programs that are student-centered, industry-aligned, and academically robust.

The resulting fun, interactive curriculum draws on AI and machine learning to robotics to engage students with real-world tech projects and challenge through the use of interactive and hands-on activities, real-world connections, and a focus on individual learning needs and styles, especially those who might present learning disorders and difficulties and other diverse backgrounds.

The Easy to integrate STEAM Program give educators support, save them time and provide the perfect foundation for course content. Educators can implement the program within their pre-existing curriculum without coding and easily create course selection, access to all instructional materials such as slides, lesson plans, handouts, and assessment resources, and training for teachers. They can also maintain design consistency, which helps to keep students on track, with support and structure so schools can make the most of the STEAM content and get the results they’re aiming for.

Ultimately, it is about educators helping students to focus on the content and not waste time figuring out where content is or what is expected of them.

What is Stree Education?

Stree Education is a dedicated tech education provider in Dubai, UAE. We partner with international education providers to bring these opportunities to the children of the Middle East. Learn more about our approach here."





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Our Impact

We have touched the lives of thousands of students across the UAE, instilling in them a love for learning and a curiosity for technological exploration.

Our programs have been instrumental in developing future-ready skills, opening doors to new opportunities, and shaping the next generation of tech leaders.

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