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In Partnership with DMA, We are helping schools in the middle East empower young minds with cutting-edge STEAM courses led by Stanford Educators.

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What is STEAM Education?

STEAM is a worldwide transformative education integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics to solve real-world problems with creativity and critical thinking.











Global ReACH

Why Do You Need STEAM Program

Digital Media Academy has helped schools worldwide implement comprehensive and sustainable STEAM programs that are student-centered, industry-aligned, and academically robust.

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Standard Curriculum

STEAM Curriculum Led by Stanford Educators. Aligned with ISTE, Cambridge, and more.

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Global Standards

Over 60 STEAM courses for all school levels. With customized support for seamless integration.

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Worldwide Impact

100+ schools and 500,000+ students empowered. With a network of esteemed educational leaders.

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“It’s not just a curriculum, it’s a whole program with support and structure so schools can make the most of the STEAM content and get the results they’re aiming for.”

Dina Ghobashy

Dina Ghobashy,
Sr. Manager, Education Leadership at Microsoft

Partnership School - Swaffield Primary School

Swaffield Primary School

South America

Partnership School - Edufutoro


South America

Partnership School - Paraíso Colégio

Paraíso Colégio

South America

Join Leading STEAM Schools in the World

Digital Media Academy will provide comprehensive support in the implementation of the program, including course selection, access to all instructional materials such as slides, lesson plans, handouts, and assessment resources, and training for your core team and teachers to ensure success.

We believe that this opportunity will greatly enhance your school's academic offerings and provide your students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.