April 7, 2024

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6 Ways Technology Can Improve Education in the UAE

6 Ways Technology Can Improve Education in the UAE

It is no longer news that the UAE is undergoing rapid digital transformation. In fact, technology has not only become a permanent fixture for daily living, it has become an integral part of education in the region, transforming the way students learn and teachers instruct. Technology is rapidly transforming education, and its implementation is accelerating at a rapid pace as institutions seek to modernize their operations for a digitally-empowered audience. In this article, we will examine technology in UAE schools and explore some of the ways it can revolutionize teaching and learning processes, promote engagement and collaboration, and prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.

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Technological Transformation of Education in UAE Schools

The impact of technology is being felt by people of all ages as it has improved access to learning opportunities. Technology is widening the scope for students and professionals to learn in their own time in ways that are most effective for them by expanding the potential for collaboration and communication in the learning environment.

As a fallout of the global pandemic, 72% of Gulf educational institutions in the UAE have advanced their digital initiative roadmaps by at least a year. Although this happened quickly, technology has been infiltrating the education sector for decades and it was only a matter of time before EdTech took off as a key vehicle for learning in a digital-first world.

From the dawn of time, education has always required that students be physically present in the same building or classroom. But not anymore. Technology negates this requirement by allowing learners to connect in virtual environments through various digital vectors. Not only does the internet increase access to information, it also enables students to collaborate virtually on projects using technology-based tools – all of which break down the barriers of the classroom to facilitate new ways of learning and working collaboratively.

Here are some of the ways that implementing digital transformation initiatives in the UAE can improve education:

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Improved Collaboration and Access to Learning Materials

Collaborative tools and platforms are integral in promoting student engagement and teamwork. Schools in the UAE region must leverage digital platforms that enable students to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and engage in online discussions. Virtual spaces offer various methods for collaboration, including games, communication platforms, innovative technologies, and various apps. These tools will facilitate effective communication, cooperation, and the development of essential teamwork skills necessary for future careers.

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Improved Participation through Interactive Learning

Gamification of learning has become increasingly popular. By incorporating game-like elements, such as rewards, badges, and leaderboards, into educational activities, students are motivated to actively participate and strive for achievements, making learning a more enjoyable and interactive experience. Applications, digital games, virtual collaboration platforms, and more advanced technologies like AI and VR can be used to create more engaging learning spaces.

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Prepares Learners for the Future

We live in a world that’s becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Technologies are built into the fabric of our society, with most industries and processes depending on them to some extent. It’s more important than ever for young learners, and those seeking upskilling opportunities to ensure they are prepared and equipped to enter the workforce as digitally empowered adults. The skills and knowledge that are to be gained from exposing learners to technology early on are vital to ensuring they have a solid foundation for success.

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Incorporates Different Learning Styles

Every single learner in the classroom has their own unique traits, and it can be challenging for educators to adjust their learning plan to fit every student. This is where technology in education can help to modify lessons according to each student's need.

We have seen teachers who have applied their knowledge to integrate technology to help improve their classrooms. There is an example of a teacher who earned a degree in Instructional Design and Technology through online learning and is applying this knowledge in his class by integrating technology to help improve his classroom. The teacher is now helping kids who might want to draw during the entire class to create an infographic to demonstrate their capabilities and understanding of the content.

His instructional design degree helped him elevate his approach in the classroom, giving students a more tailored experience that can benefit them in the future.

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Connects Teacher with Their Students

As an educator, technology can be a bridge, helping to form a better bond with students and other colleagues. A study by the Pew Research Center on how teachers are using technology in their home and classroom found that 84% of teachers report using the internet at least weekly to find content that will engage students. Integrating technology into your lesson plans as well as using it to expand your own knowledge of subject matter can make a significant difference in the classroom.

The wheels of technology will only continue to roll faster and faster and as it evolve, it’s important for educators in the UAE to adjust their classroom style to align with its advancements.

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