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About DMA

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Digital Media Academy was founded in 1999 on the campus of Stanford University to provide technology education to K12 teachers and develop technology immersion courses for students.


In 2002, the Academy for New Media became Digital Media Academy and greatly expanded its technology education programs and operated in the most prestigious universities: Stanford University, Oxford University, NYU, UPenn, UChicago,

U Washington, UCLA, UC San Diego, UBC, UToronto, and others. Since then, Digital Media Academy has delivered applied technology education to over 500,000+ students in 1,100+ schools in 125+ countries online and in-person.


The DMA Mission Statement

To be a learning community of diversity and excellence through memorable and innovative educational experiences led by the highest-quality instructors building skill and confidence to empower life-long learners to follow their dreams and make a lasting impact.


Proven Track Record

The DMA programs are taught at premier schools in over 125 countries and have been verified by multiple independent researchers, associations, and universities.

Applied Technology

Prepare students for careers in Game Design, Computer Science, Music Production, Filmmaking, Creative Design, Digital Storytelling, and Entrepreneurship


Broad Learning

Our focus on Project-Based Learning gives students practical, hands-on experience with a combination of in-person and online coursework for levels K-12

Meet The DMA Team