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Become Microsoft Showcase School

Collaborate with Microsoft to demonstrate what’s possible to transform the learning experience in your school and deliver sustained success.

What is the Microsoft Showcase Schools Program?

The Showcase Schools Program (SCS) is a community of select and diverse schools led by innovative school leaders empowered to transform their schools. Guided by Microsoft’s K-12 Education Transformation Framework, these school leaders create transformative policy–from creating a vision for change and leading strategic planning, to delivering an inclusive environment for students and facilitating capacity-building for educators

The Showcase Schools Program brings together like-minded education thought leaders and Microsoft team members committed to driving excellence in education and the highest student outcomes possible.


How Can You Become a Part of The Showcase Schools Program?

Criteria for becoming a Showcase School


The school demonstrates thought leadership in at least one area of educational transformation, as outlined in the Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework


The school demonstrates innovative use of technology, using Microsoft solutions, to drive positive impact and student success with 21st century skills


The school leader is an innovator, as evidenced through the actions and attitudes of a growth mindset and commitment to the K-12 Education Transformation Framework journey


The school leader empowers educators and students to innovate and exercise a growth mindset


The school leader and educators are learning leaders who drive efforts to connect with educators locally and globally and share best practices

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Why Join the SCS Program?

  • Develop a network of global school leaders within the SCS Professional Learning Network (PLN)

  • Amplify your success and share best practices through, online, and in-person events using our event playbook

  • Participate in global thought leader webinars exclusively for Showcase School Leaders

  • Work with Microsoft product teams to develop new technologies that solve education’s biggest challenges


Innovate and Grow Professionally

Use the 6i process to work through the Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework, envisioning and refining your roadmap for continual improvement over the next 1-3 years.



A team of teachers, students, parents, and school leaders collaborate to define a vision, core values and goals.



Schools learn about innovations in teaching, learning, assessment, and school design to discover possibilities for change.



Schools seek input and strategic partnerships with governments, businesses, parents, and community leaders to help shape their vision.



Schools decide on the innovations—in curriculum, pedagogy, leadership, technology, and learning space design—that will bring about their vision.



Schools focus on creating and implementing their plan for change.



To guide continuous improvement, schools reflect on their experiences and review outcomes in relation to their school’s benchmarks and success metrics.

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